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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rolled into the Oliver Peoples Madison Avenue boutique on Tuesday night for a party celebrating their first eyewear collaboration. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the reluctance of The Row designers to engage much with the public or the press, they have cheekily named a pair of $340 oversize tortoise sunglasses “Don’t Bother Me.”

“Whatever you write tonight, however the story comes together, it’ll feel like you’re writing about someone else,” Mary-Kate said to a reporter invited to cover the party. Ashley, standing nearby, nodded.

The chunky glasses befit the Olsen twins for reasons other than the not-so-welcoming name, of course. They have a kind of past-meets-future look, as if they drew their inspiration from little old ladies from the 1950s but would now likely be seen on someone like Kate Moss or Jessa from “Girls.”

Other styles being introduced by The Row and Oliver Peoples this season include a $440 translucent update on the O’Malley, Oliver Peoples’s most iconic frames. Then there is a round, brass-accented pair, the sort one might expect to see on a surviving member of the Beatles, speaking at a TED Conference.

“Those were in our show Monday,” Ashley said, popping them on just long enough for a photographer to get a shot.

A waiter approached and handed the twins some Champagne.

David Schulte, the Oliver Peoples chief executive, reached over to Ashley, then to Mary-Kate, clinking his glass against theirs. “Cheers!” he said.

“Cheers,” Ashley and Mary-Kate said, almost in unison.

Mary-kate Olsen, 2016

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Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen — The Row, Autumn/Winter 16/17

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Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen — The Row, 2016