Mary-kate Olsen — transformation, 2004-2014

mkBut those days are over for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the once identical-looking twins who now look incredibly different.
New images of the pair, who graduated from child acting into fashion design, have even sparked rumors that Mary-Kate may have branched out with some new work all of her own.
Contrary to popular belief, the pair are fraternal twins, not identical.
But until now, the difference was minuscule.
The plastic surgery speculation ignited after the 28-year-old designers posed together at the 2014 World Of Children Awards in New York City on Thursday.
They made their name sharing the role of Michelle Tanner in the hit show Full House from the ages of six months to eight years old.
During that time, they also started making their own TV films, with their twinship as the central focus — including Double, Double, Toil And Trouble.
Their first feature-length film was It Takes Two in 1995, followed by Billboard Dad, When In Rome, Passport To Paris, Winning London and New York Minute.
Many of the films featured sketches in which they would swap places and trick other characters into thinking one was the other.
Fears rose surrounding Mary-Kate’s health in 2004 when the twins arrived on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame looking markedly different, with Mary-Kate much smaller than Ashley.
Months later, Mary-Kate revealed she had checked herself into rehab suffering from anorexia.
In the years that followed, she appeared to recover and the twins returned to looking very similar.
On Thursday, however, they looked nothing alike.
Taking to Twitter, fans expressed their concerned by tweeting their thoughts on her arguably altered appearance with some firmly convinced she has gone under the knife.
‘I’m so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen’s plastic surgery decisions,’ wrote @jamieATD.
‘Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened,’ tweeted @KatieSchwanz.
Prior to the accusations, the mini moguls arrived to the gala in style last week, displaying their love of layering, oversized pieces, and vintage-inspired garments.
Though usually many find it difficult to differentiate the fraternal twin sisters, the former Full House stars didn’t have that problem on this occasion.


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