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What Mary-Kate and Ashley REALLY Want for Christmas
If there are two singular humans whose Christmas wishlists we’d absolutely love to see, it’s probably Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. And today, we’ve lucked out! The twins shared their innermost holiday desires with ELLE, and now the rest of the world shall benefit from their impeccable taste.
On the list of goodies they want for themselves (and, presumably, also want you to shop) is a set of cashmere scarves from their brand The Row, a vintage Van Cleef lighter, a vintage set of Cartier playing cards, and (somewhat out of place, we must confess) a bundle of sage sticks ready to be burned. The downside of this list: Everything is «price upon request,» and it’s all only available in The Row flagship store in Los Angeles.
Racked did some digging and uncovered that the sage sticks are only $20 for a small bundle, which is probably the most affordable item the Olsens have ever wished for in their lives. But considering that their entire wishlist is only available at the store, we made a few similar selects of our own.
Head to ELLE to see the Olsens’ wishlist, then keep scrolling to see our own!

What Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Want for the Holidays
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would probably be the two hardest women to have on your holiday shopping lists. What do you get for the women in your life that have impeccable taste? That have, well, everything? Thankfully, the twins themselves have given exclusive access to their holiday gift guide, which you can see (and buy) in person at The Row’s flagship store on L.A.’s Melrose Place. «We picked pieces that could be purchased for both men and women,» Ashley told us of the mostly vintage assortment of holiday goodies. «The holiday season can be hectic,» said Mary-Kate, adding, «We wanted to create a peaceful space for our clients to do all of their holiday shopping at once.» Here, everything Mary-Kate and Ashley think you should have for the holidays

Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen — CHILD MIND INSTITUTE Child Advocacy Award Dinner, 2014


Mary- kate & Ashley Olsen — instagram, 2014


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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen present their collection ‘The Row’ at Marion Heinrich in Munich, Germany, 2014


Mary- kate & Ashley Olsen — instagram, 2014


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